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Family Law

When dealing with any type of complex family law matter, it is very important to hire an attorney to help you with such a complex situation. Every case has its own unique circumstances. You will need an aggressive attorney to help you understand and obtain the best outcome on your case. At Piroozi Law Group, PLLC., we can assist you in the following types of family law cases:


When you are dealing with a marital dissolution it is important not to leave paperwork to chance! When undergoing a divorce, the court will require certain requirements to be met and certain documents to be filed. Throughout this process, Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. will ensure your rights are protected and the process goes as smooth as possible.

Child Custody/Child Support

Not only are Child Custody and Child Support issues handled separately, they may also go hand in hand when filing for a divorce. As a parent you want to ensure the most beneficial outcome for you and your child(ren).

There are two types of child custody in Nevada: legal and physical custody. The court is mainly concerned with the best interest of the child(ren) and this will determine the outcome of most custody matters. There are many considerations in this process and they are outlined in Nevada’s statutes and case law. At Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. we will fight to get you what matters most, custody of your child(ren).

Before child support is determined to be applicable in any particular case, you must first consider what type physical custody arrangement the parties are using. Are they using joint physical custody or primary physical custody? Typically, the courts favor joint physical custody (where custody is shared between the parties), versus primary physical custody, where the child spends more time with one parent over the other.


Paternity needs to be established in order to obtain legal rights and visitation with a child(ren). DNA testing will need to be performed on the child(ren) and the alleged father in order to establish or disestablish paternity. If paternity is established custody, visitation, and child support will be established as well.

Piroozi Law Group, PLLC., is here to assist you in fighting for you and your child(rens) rights.


Legal guardianship is the best way for a non-parent to gain the legal rights needed to care for and protect a child(ren). At Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. a Nevada licensed guardianship attorney is here to assist you throughout the process of obtaining legal guardianship to care for a minor child(ren) that is/are not legally or biologically yours.

Guardianship is granted to any number of individuals, such as grandparents, aunts & uncles, distant relatives and non-relative caregivers. If you are interested in obtaining guardianship of a minor, please call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Temporary Protection Orders / Extended Protection Orders

A temporary protective order, or TPO, is issued in order to protect a victim of domestic violence, abuse, stalking or harassment by a spouse, ex-spouse, family member, girlfriend or boyfriend. It prohibits any contact with the person named in the order and also mandates that the alleged abuser must remain a certain distance from you.

An extended order for protection is awarded by a judge or hearing master only after a hearing in which you and the abuser each have an opportunity to present evidence and tell your different sides of the story. An extended order lasts for up to one year. Piroozi Law Group, PLLC., will provide you aggressive representation so that you remain protected.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is merely a contract between a future husband and wife. This agreement sets forth parameters of how income, assets and debts are distributed in the event of a death or a divorce.

If you decide that a prenuptial agreement (or postnuptial agreement if you are already married) between you and your spouse it is in your best interest, to hire an experienced Las Vegas attorney that is skilled and knowledgeable about what constitutes an enforceable prenuptial agreement. In a community property state such as Nevada, it becomes even more important to have this type of agreement. Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. can talk to you about your options and establish a proper, enforceable prenuptial/postnuptial agreement that protects your rights.

Hague Convention Cases

The Hague Convention applies to children abducted to and from countries party to the Convention. If a child is abducted to the United States from one of our Hague treaty partners, the parent who is left behind may apply for return under the Convention. Even if the child was born in the United States, if the child is now found to be a “habitual resident” in another country the child may be ordered to return to the country of habitual residence under the Convention, provided the case meets the requirements of the Hague and the child’s country of habitual residence is a signatory.

Depending on the facts of your case, there could be a treaty obligation for a Convention country to return an abducted child or grant access to the child, unless one of the following exceptions apply:

  • There is a grave risk that the child would be exposed to physical or psychological harm or otherwise placed in an intolerable situation in his or her country of habitual residence;
  • The child objects to being returned and has reached an age and degree of maturity at which the court can take account of the child’s views (the treaty does not establish at what age children reach this level of maturity – that age and the degree of weight given to children’s views varies from country to country); or
  • The return would violate the fundamental principles of human rights and freedoms of the country where the child is being held.
  • The child is “well settled” in his or her new residence.


There are many grounds for filing an annulment in the State of Nevada.
1) Lack of consent of parent or guardian – A minor is unable to give consent to marry. They must first obtain consent to from a parent, guardian, or District Court. The annulment proceedings must be brought within one year of the minor turning eighteen years of age.
2) Want of understanding – If either of the Parties to the marriage for want of understanding are incapable of consenting to the marriage.
3) Fraud – If consent to marriage was obtained by fraud and the fraud can be established.
4) Grounds declaring a contract void in equity.


A family can be built through an Adoption. There are not many attorneys that will deal with complex adoption cases, but here at Piroozi Law Group, PLLC., we will assist you with building a family.

Kinship Adoption (Intra-Family Adoptions)
This process is to aid children into not becoming a ward of the state. We assist children to be placed in homes with family members and prevents children from being placed in a foster home and provides children a permanent residence.

Agency, Non-Agency, and International Adoptions
When adopting in a foreign country you are basically adopting twice. When a child is adopted in their home country you must then formalize the adoption in the United States.

Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. can help you with any type of adoption case.