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Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. can quickly and conveniently resolve your traffic tickets – and you won’t need to spend hours of your time dealing with the hassle of going to the courthouse and standing in long lines. We will quickly negotiate your fines and points.

Because each traffic ticket situation is unique, it is important to remember that handling your ticket improperly can result in an increase in auto insurance premiums and points on your DMV record. If you are a commercial driver, a ticket can potentially cost you your job!

Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. is experienced in the traffic ticket arena and, in most cases, we can either reduce or eliminate your ticket without going to court, earning DMV points or increasing insurance premiums. Call us today to learn more: (702) 260-1010.

Quashing of Bench Warrants

If you have a bench warrant filed against you, you may seek the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney from Piroozi Law Group, PLLC., to appear in court on your behalf.

In most cases if you obtain the services from a knowledgeable attorney you will save time, money, and keep from having to serve jail time. We will effectively represent your case before the judge and aggressively fight for the most beneficial ruling. Please call Piroozi Law Group, PLLC., for your free initial consultation.

Please call Piroozi Law Group, PLLC. for your free consultation.